05 May

Due to an extended family emergency, I will only be appearing at Comicpalooza this year. I do not plan on any other appearances until Fall at the soonest, but even then it is unlikely. I am trying to have copies of Hyperion Tales: Stories from the Dark Novaverse from the publisher in time for Comicpalooza, and if so they will debut there first ahead of any other place.



05 April

I have updated the convention appearances blurb on the website to give dates and times for the panels I will be on. Room numbers are up in the air and will likely not be solidified until a week before the convention. I will be at the Dark Nova Games table on the third floor in Indie Game Alley.

02 March

I will be appearing as a guest at Comicpalooza again, but with a twist- rather than appear as an author only, I will also be appearing as a featured guest in the Game Developer category due to my work on the Dark Nova, Rise of Legends and Empires of Antaerion RPGs. My personal and professional schedules for 2015 are beyond overloaded, so I had to trim down convention appearances to one or two. As Comicpalooza is a large convention with a huge number of literary and gaming fans, it seemed the logical choice. So, I will be there from 22 to 25 May!

12 February

Life has been rather chaotic and hectic on my end, ranging from deaths in the family to a new baby on the way, so I have not been updating anywhere other than my Facebook page very often.


30 April

Space City Con is undergoing some changes, and is now The Houston Con (personally, I like the old name better), but we finally have a date- 08-10 August. Nothing is formalized, but I'll likely be doing several panels and we'll have a table there as well.

04 April

The schedule for Comipalooza is getting more formalized. I will be on or hosting numerous panels that weekend, though the dates, times and locations won't be finallized till the last minute. Here are the panels I know for sure I will be doing (bearing in mind times and such may changed)-

* Writing and Designing for RPGs, Friday 2pm-3pm
* Independent Game Design, Sunday noon-1pm
* From Pen to Pulse Rifle: Writing Good Military Science Fiction, Saturday I think, time not set yet
* Real Science in Science Fiction, same as above

And I will also be at the Dark Nova Games table to sign books and such when not doing panels or the like.

04 April

Signed on the dotted line this morning, I'll be appearing at Comicpalooza in Houston memorial day weekend. I'm hosting three panels, one per day, and will be signing books at the Dark Nova Games booth. Barring any further issues, I will also have the novel I've been working on- Hyperion Tales- available for sale and signing as well as the Dark Nova RPG and Fortune and Glory

14 January

I will be at Owlcon (owlcon.com) on Sunday, 23 Feb running Dark Nova for anyone interested in attending. I will be running two games, one 10am-2pm and another 3pm-7pm, in Rayzor Hall. The specific room is unknown at this time, but should be marked. Bring a character if you have one, or we will have pregens to select from.

06 January

Post-convention overview-
Space City Con was good to us, both to me as a writer and to Dark Nova Games as a company. That being said, I am going to have to SERIOUSLY learn to manage time better so that I can do panels and author readings, GMing, sign books, etc. and still actually get to see the convention. A common lament amongst guests of all stripes, I have no doubt.
Did an author reading with my friend Chris Dunbar from Triscele Publishing and a couple of folks I'd never met before, and I have to say I was lackluster at best due to sleep deprivation and running ragged. No worries, I'll endeavour to do better next time!
My panel on the Science of Science Fiction wasn't announced at all in the programming book (SCC is plagued with scheduling issues in their program book as it's still a young con, despite it's significant size, so you learn to adapt and work around it), but we still had a decent and interested crowd. The panel was videotaped, so if I can track it down I will post a link to it here.
I GMed two Dark Nova RPG games, and... well, let's just say people had as much fun watching us as the players had playing it. While sleep deprivation is a detriment to doing author readings, it is apparently an asset for GMing, and we won Noisiest and Most Entertaining Table two out of three days of the con Not entirely sure what our peak moments were, either Jim claiming the title Captain Speed Bump or the Mutant Yogurt Monster most likely. It's, well... kinda one of those "had to be there" things
We did well, announced a rough release date for Dark Nova: Hyperion Tales (the short story anthology) around the end of Feb, and have a LOT of interest in the novels as well as future supplements for the game. Greg Young and Orren Fansler- two developers for Dark Nova Games- did yeoman's work on getting the new miniatures wargame Dirtside alpha tested, and were still at it when my wife and I left to go collect our wayward (and destructive) Spawnlings from their grandmother. Still awaiting final feedback, but it looks to be a pretty solid hit once it's alpha and beta tested and put out for release. I am advising on Dark Nova setting canon for the game, but otherwise this is their bailiwick.
Next con I will be at is likely to be Owlcon in Feb, where I will be there for Dark Nova Games, and the only other convention for certain will be Space City Con Summer around the beginning of August. Keep an eye here for updates, as my con manager/wrangler is going gangbusters to find South Central regional cons for both me and DNG to appear at.