Dark Nova is a series of novels set in the early 24th century. Mankind has spread out amongst the stars, discovered other races, and come face-to-face with its own nature. Centered around the loose coalition of nation-states known as the Terran Alliance of Nations, humanity still fights, engages in political intrigue, and is just as prone to acts of great brutality and nobility as they are today. They are not, however, alone. The universe of Dark Nova is a dynamic- and often dangerous- place similar in many ways to the 19th century with its combination of heavily-settled civilized Core Worlds and the dangerous Wild-West-like fringe colonies. Pirates, organized crime syndicates, predatory alien races, and good old fashioned internecine warfare go hand-in-hand with the heroism of the Templars, the defiance of authority of the independent Freetraders, the fierce honour of the Ahruga, and the steadfast stubborn determination of mankind to overcome its darker nature and become a better species.

Dark Nova originally started out as a novel I began writing nearly fifteen years ago that was loosely intended to be part of a trilogy. It had been an on-again/off-again project for most of those years, based on even older short stories and concepts I had come up with as far back as the mid-80s. I began letting people read the initial drafts and- after receiving constructive criticism and a great deal of encouragement- was spurred into pursuing it in earnest.

As work began on the second novel, I made the mistake of letting friends and family who gamed read the first novel and- after receiving multiple bribes and threats of dire bodily harm if I didnít do so- the Dark Nova Roleplaying Game was born. The Dark Nova universe has now expanded into two arenas- the ever-expanding retinue of novels, and a table-top roleplaying game based in the same setting as them.

As an author and impromptu game developer, it is my wish that people take great joy in the creation of my fevered, overworked mind. While remuneration is certainly nice, the greatest joy a writer can get is to see his or her works rise up high on a tide of fandom. To that end, I hope that my creation will give you a new realm for your minds to wander around in happily.

- Breandán Ó Ciarraí