Dark Nova originally started off as a short story I began writing nearly a decade-and-a-half ago. Originally based around a warrior-poet society descended from Gaelic settlers on a distant colony, it grew into a much broader, richer, and complex universe over the years. Between bouts of sleep-deprivation-induced madness and creative use of Handwavium, I set out to write a series of novels that balanced science and fiction to create a realistic science-fantasy setting.

The first two novels in the series- The Calling of Heroes and The Sword of Ares- carry to fruition an overarching plot that changes the shape of the early 24th century. The subsequent books- Mercenary’s Honour and Mata Hari’s Grace- are stand-alone novels that flesh out the world of Dark Nova. Dark Nova Games is also publishing an anthology of short stories- Hyperion Tales- in May, which will feature tales from various persons in the Dark Nova universe. More novels are planned that will further expand my literary neurosis a great deal, so the end is most definitely neither nigh nor on the horizon for Dark Nova.

The Calling of Heroes-

Driven by an ancient prophecy to leave Terra and found a new empire among the stars, the fierce, genetically-engineered superhuman Ahruga find themselves dragged into the plots of a mysterious foe. When an Ahrugan rescue operation to free a captured Terran crew leads to a series of assassination attempts, the leader of the crew must team up with the Ahruga to uncover the shadowy force behind it all. Liam, a veteran Ahrugan warrior, and Aya, beautiful former executive officer of the Terran exploration vessel ESS Edmund Hillary, lead the search from the teeming Freeports of Terran space into the dangers of the fascist and xenophobic Orion Empire. Along the way they discover that dire portents held within Ahrugan prophecies are coming to pass, and fears of a great war begin to take shape. As nation is pitted against nation by the machinations of their unseen enemy, a small group of humans and Ahruga must uncover a secret hidden for millennia to save their future.

The Sword of Ares-

Kyle O’Riley is happy with the simple life of a Freetrader, moving cargo from point A to point B, regardless of whether the authorities in point A want it leaving or point B want it arriving. Fate has other ideas, however, and destiny drags him from his roguishly comfortable existence. A simple cargo theft scheme gone awry drags him and his crew into the brewing conflict between the Terran Alliance of Nations and the neo-Fascist Orion Empire, and they find themselves caught up in the machinations of powerful players on the galactic scene. The only way out of the mess for Kyle and his crew is to dive head-first even deeper into it, and they must work their way through the web of intrigue in an effort to save themselves. At the center of that web, however, Kyle and his crew find themselves at the pivot point, and the balance between peace and the greatest war in nearly a century rests on their very overwhelmed shoulders.

Mercenary's Honour-

Spartan Group, the largest and most powerful mercenary corporation in Terran space, counts dozens of nations and hundreds of independent systems among their clients. They handle everything from personal security details to full-blown wars, but sometimes things go awry as "KC" Taggart's team soon discovers. Ronin 3, as his team is designated, is assigned to protect a scientist as he transports a revolutionary new form of nanotechnology from a Freespace research lab to Terra. Things get out of hand along the way, however, and soon everyone from competing corporations to Syndicates are after the team and their client. Worse, a nefarious terrorist group of religious fanatics seeks to seize the cutting-edge nanotech for much darker purposes. From the fiery chaos of space battles to the cloak-and-dagger subterfuge of back-alleys in the worst parts of Core World cities, this is one security detail Ronin 3 will not forget.

Hyperion Tales-

Walter Rhys has traveled the Colonial Territories and Fringe Space for decades collecting stories. As a freelance journalist, he brings the tales of the rough and dangerous regions of Terran space back to the sheltered populations of the Core Worlds to feed their insatiable need for vicarious adventure. Traveling aboard a passenger liner en route to the Hyperion system, he happens upon a treasure trove of subjects for interviews, and finds himself getting the scoop of a lifetime.
Hyperion Tales is an anthology of five stories from the lives of people who make the wild and adventurous Colonial Territories their home. From the story of the Freetrader who signed on to a rescue operation far out of his league to the political intrigue and sensual tale of the Courtesan; the dangerous adventures of a corporate mercenary to the insight into the rituals of a Garoudan hunter-priest and the dark past of a noble Templar, Rhys is in for the journey of his career.

Matahari's Grace-

There is a cliche axiom among Freetraders- "We move anything from point A to point B, regardless of whether the folks in point A want it leaving or point B want it arriving." This has served Sianu Kai and her crew well as their ship- the Matahari's Grace- has become renowned as one of the 24th century's most effective smuggling ships. Unfortunately, some cargos should be left at point A, and some recipients at Point B are best avoided, as Kai and her crew will soon discover.