I was approached a few years back about using the setting of my novels as the basis for a roleplaying game universe. Initially I was reticent to write for a roleplaying game, as I was unsure if I would be able to shift from a storyline-based writing structure into the broader, more in-depth one developing an RPG takes. These fears were soon laid to rest, however, and I found that the unfettered ability to explore and describe any corner of the universe I chose allowed me to flesh out and significantly improve the novels as well.

Soon, the game took shape, and after a three year development and playtesting period, it went to print. The universe of the early 24th century is further fleshed out in this game, including a huge amount of background material that simply couldn’t be crammed into the novels without earning me death-stares from my editors. The Dark Nova Roleplaying Game is designed to allow the players and the game-master to create their own stories, living novels of their own experiences as they let their imaginations run rampant in the creation of my own overactive one.

Further information on the game can be found at the Dark Nova Games website.