An avid writer from his earliest childhood memories, Breandán got his start on an old-fashioned electric typewriter. He soon moved on to the latest cutting-edge technology- a TRS-80 computer from Tandy- and his writing took off from there. He has been writing on and off since then- authoring articles on technology, criminal justice matters, Gaelic cultural issues and a succession of fantasy short stories. An avid futurist and a follower of the works of Michio Kaku, Stephen Hawking and other cutting-edge scientists, Breandán turned his sights towards innovative and speculative science fiction. He combines these interests with his traditionalist Gaelic cultural background and his experiences as a PMC operator and tactical medic in Iraq and elsewhere to shape the world of the Dark Nova universe.

As an author, his blend of military science fiction, humor and unapologetic socio-political commentary have been likened to a blend of Heinlein and Eddings. Currently, he is working on the sequels to the Dark Nova novel, The Calling of Heroes, as well as expansions for the Dark Nova Roleplaying Game. As the lead writer and game developer for Dark Nova Games, he has expanded the universe he first established in the novels into the huge, immersive universe of the Dark Nova RPG, which first debuted in limited release in 2006, and wide release in 2010. Expanding beyond the Dark Nova universe, Breandán is working on Rise of Legends and Empires of Antaerion, two new roleplaying settings for upcoming products through Dark Nova Games. In between writing, Breandán spends his time wrangling an ever-increasing horde of daughters with nicknames such as "Impending Doom II" and "Toddlergeddon", and prying the occasional child-frightened cat off of his head.